Recipe – Almond Milk

Having trouble with your kids eating habits? Here is a quick fix drink that is tasty and nutritious too. Almonds are extremely nutritious and the importance of this awesome Dry Fruit gorws with each day. Its the ideal food for good skin , good hair and is also increasingly gaining popularity in the diets of weight watchers ( Make sure it is taken in moderation )
Almond milk is a simple 10 minute quick fix drink for all those on the go.

For a cup of Almond milk ( 200 Ml )

8 to 9 Almonds , 2 Cardomom pods , 2 Teaspoons Sugar , 200 Ml chilled milk

1 ) Roast the Almonds until you get the sweet aroma of Almonds. Take care to see that they dont burn ( Roasting enhances the flavour of almonds)

2) In a mixer/ belnder , add the roasted almonds , Cardomons and Sugar to make a fine powder

3) Add the mixture to Chilled milk and Voila …..Almond milk is ready.

Tip : It is always good to try the mixture for small portions and play around with the sweetness.

Tip : If you have hit the right balance of sweetness , you can preserve the dry mixture in your refrigerators and making a drink is as simple as mixing/blending the powder with chilled milk. ( Blending the mixture will give the whipped effect of the milk)

Almond Milk


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