Recipe : Sesame Biscuits

Sesame Biscuits

Sesame Biscuits. Thoroughly enjoyed with a cup of coffee, family and a great book. Vouched for taste by family including my 16 month old , quickly sneaking out with one ” Bikki ” from the tray. Flattered indeed 🙂 My contribution to Weekend baking and Happy eating !

Water – 1 Cup

Powdered Sugar – 1 Cup

Olive Oil / Unsalted Butter – 1 Cup ( Note : Use Olive oil for a healthier version of the Sesame Biscuits. Although I’d agree that using Butter would make the biscuits much better)

Water + Powdered Sugar + Olive Oil/ Unsalted butter – Equal Proportions

1/2 tsp Baking powder

Salt to taste

All purpose flour – Mix all the contents up in a bowl and slowly add ” All Purpose flour ” to the mixture until the mixture does not stick to your hands anymore.Roll them into 1 Inch Balls and flatten them on the Baking Tray ( Note : Make sure you brush butter on the Baking tray)

Sprinkle Sesame Seeds on the Biscuit dough on the Baking Tray

Bake them for 15 mins / or until they turn brown.

Cool and serve. ( Best served with Coffee / Tea )


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