Recipe 7 – Quick Salad Bites -Fire and Ice

Garlic and Chilli Chicken over Raw Banana Fries with Cool Cucumber

This recipe is a result of coming back home to realise that I had only Cucumber , Raw Banana and some Chicken at home. It was one of those days where eating any of these elements by itself would have been too mundane. So , here is a Quick Fix to make an interesting Appetizer. In my case , I had to make the entire dish Paleo compliant. As hard as it to to transition completely into a Paleo diet , I give in to some small alterations to include some carbs.

So for the ingredients 1 ) Cucumber sliced into thin pieces ( The Ice part ) 2 ) Raw Banana pealed and sliced into thin pieces 3 ) 100 Gms Chicken cut into small pieces 4 ) Fine Semolina to coat the Raw Banana ( You can use All purpose flour or corn flour instead ) * 5 ) Garlic and Red Chilli Paste ( 2 Tsp ) 6 ) Salt to taste

Raw Banana Fries

Once the Banana’s are pealed and sliced into thin pieces , soak them in Salt water for 10 mins. In the meantime Mix  some Semolina and Salt and keep it aside. This mixture is only for the coating and make sure you take only as much as required after considering the number of slices. ( For 10 Slices of Banana , you would need about 2 Tbsp Semolina to coat ). Heat a pan with some Olive oil for Shallow Fry. Place the coated Raw Banana on the Pan until they turn Golden brown. Once done , set them aside until they cool.

Garlic and chilli Chicken Bites.

Add some olive oil in a wok and throw in the Chicken bits until they fry a little. Add Garlic and Chilli paste to the chicken ( I used a Chilli Garlic sauce available in the Local Supermarket for this ). Try to get a feel of the spice before you add the sauce. Cook them for a while. Add Lime juice to temper down the spice once done. Set it aside to cool.


Place the cucumber slices first. Place the Banana fries over the cucumber. Place the Chicken bits over the Banana. Additionally , you can top it with sour cream or Mayo to make it a complete Fire and Ice Bite.

Hope you enjoyed it !!!


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    • Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂 Yeah 🙂 Its almost my kitchen motto to finish cooking in 30 minutes 🙂

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