Musk Melon and Orange Sorbet

The Summer is here and I’m very nostalgic about the Vacation in my grand mothers place.  Mischief , long stories , endless conversations with cousins , the gossip , gardening , TV , games , gully cricket and the list goes on… But the most memorable one for me used to be sitting under the Gulmohar tree and sharing an orange with cousins. We cherished those memories.

 Reminiscing upon the summer and oranges , I made us a frozen dessert for a bright and sunny weekend. A perfect way to cool down the soaring mercury. As usual this is a simple dessert , can be fixed in a jiffy and served frozen just in time.


1) Musk Melon/ Cantaloupe pieces-2 cups
2) Orange 1 full
3) Sugar – 4 to 5 Tbsp
4) Liquid Glucose – 2 Tsp
5) Water – 1/2 Cup


Chop up the Musk Melon into small pieces.Remove the Skin and seeds of the orange.( Removing seeds are very important to avoid the bitter taste) Add in the Sugar and Liquid Glucose and blend the ingredients with the water.
Pour into small Dessert cups and freeze it for 2 hours. Garnish it with Cool mint before you serve. Hope you enjoyed this Zesty dessert ! Savour it all the way! SLURP 🙂


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