A Happy Chocolate and Strawberry Cupcake

And we sang Happy Birthday with a Chocolate Cup Cake

Happity Happity Happity ( Happy Birthday Aunty ) sang my 20 month old daughter. While she has no clue what it is , she already knows by now that when someone sings Happy …there’s ought to be a cake for sure.

This time around , she had a colourful day trying to make a card of her own. I’d always say there are no spl occassions required to be happy , but birthdays are indeed spl , there’s happiness in the air and colours in my head. Finally I gave into all the excitment and baked a simple and quick Chocolate Cup cake for my sister living in a different continent altogether. So yet another Happy occassion with a cake.


1 ) 1 Cup All purpose flour

2 ) 1 Egg

3 ) 3/4 Cup Dark Chocolate pieces

4 ) 3 Tbs Butter

5 ) 1 Tsp Baking Powder

6 ) 1/2 Tsp Vanilla Essence

7) Strawberries


Beat the egg until its fluffy. Add Vanilla essence and butter to this mixture. Add the Baking powder and Flour to this mixture.

Temper the chocolate.I use the Microwave method to Temper the chocolate. Use a glass bowl and spread the Chocolate peices evenly. Micro Wave it for 30 secs each time and reducing the time to 20 Secs and 10 secs with each interval and stir it each time until they reach a gooey consistency. Sitrring regularly is important since this avoids the burning of chocolate ( You could use the double boiler method for tempering the Chocolate )

Pour in the temper chocolate into the Flour mixture and mix them well.

Pre-heat the oven at 180 Degree Centigrade.

Pour the mixture into Cup cake moulds and bake them until the top layer becomes crispy. The Crispy chocolate top with soft centres are pure heaven in the mouth.

Serving suggestion.

Add some Cocoa powder if you like on top of the Cup cakes and some strawberries for an exciting adventure on the dessert plate.

Alternatively you could use some Icing Sugar with Butter and top it up with Vermicelli sprinkles

In the end…we all sang Happity Happity happi’ly ‘ 🙂


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