Chapati/Roti/Flat Bread Chinese Fry Recipe

One of those Clichéd Recipe in every Indian Household is the Chapati Fry. Chapatis are staple food , made out of whole wheat flour and usually had with a nice hot steaming Sabji/Curry for the sides. With every staple food leftover , there are several variants to the recipes.  The following recipe is a Quick one , done in about 10 mins flat. Easy to adapt with various sauces. I’ve tried the Chilli Garlic sauce , Barbecue sauce , Simple Onion , Tomato and Chilli Fry. I mean there is no limitation to how you can adapt this recipe to use your best ingredients to make the humble Roti even tastier.


1) 4 Chapatis

2) 1 Medium Onion Chopped

3) 1 Medium Tomato chopped

4) 2 Table Spoons Chilli Garlic Sauce ( Got this with a Takeaway order for Momo’s the previous day..yet another leftover used in the recipe. ) Other alternatives being , Teriyaki sauce , Barbecue Sauce.

5) Mustard Seeds ( Optional )

6) Fresh green herbs for garnish. Used Coriander here.


Tear up the Chapatis into small pieces ( 1/4 Inch approx). In a wok , heat some oil , add the Mustard and wait until they splutter , add in the onions and fry them until they are golden brown , once done add the tomatoes and fry them a little. To this muxture add the Sauce of your choice and cook for a minute. ( This should at this point work more like a Pasta sauce ). After almost a minute add the Chapati pieces to the mixture and mix them well. Add some salt as per taste. Garnish it with fresh herbs. Serve Hot!

Hope you liked it ! If you do have an interesting sauce suggestion to go with this , I’d love to hear about it !


5 responses to “Chapati/Roti/Flat Bread Chinese Fry Recipe

    • Thank you Kristen. I am so used to adding any sauce I use for Chicken in such recipes 🙂 Flatbread is the most common leftover and I guess you can add veggies and chicken as well sometime to make it more interesting 🙂

  1. Some oregano, basil and cheese with chopped garlic for Italian twist ….i think u can even thrown in some cooked pasta with dat….isnt cooking so innovative….

    • Deepthi , yeah…I use Basil in almost every 2nd dish 🙂 I love the Italian version too of this…Havent tried Pasta with it though 🙂 Should try some time…I have tried Vermicelli 🙂 Indeed , there is no limit toinnovations

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