Hot and Sour Cucumber Salad

I’ve been so away from my system , from blogging , from the camera. A lot of catch ups , trips to meet some distant cousins kept me busy entirely.
I missed blogging dearly..

And while trying to get back into the routine , my daughter and I went Veggie shopping. And she’s in an age to pick up things that she likes and just drop it into the bag while im not looking. The recent additions being , a pack of Oreo , some popcorn , chocolates of course and a pleasant but welcome addition , the Lovely Cool Cucumber.
While I would swiftly drop back everything to where they belong , I was very proud of the Cucumber and added another one to appreciate it.

So , here’s a quick Salad recipe involving the cucumber.

1 ) I cucumber Sliced – Length wise
2 ) Garlic and Chilli Sauce – 1 Tea spoon
3 ) Vinegar – 1 Tea spoon
4 ) Pinch of salt
5 ) 1 Teaspoon Sugar
6 ) Peanuts ( 2 Teaspoons )
7 ) Raisins ( 1 Teaspoon )
8 ) Coriander for Garnish


Slice the Cucumber lengthwise. I keep the seeds on too , I don’t like to throw them away , but if you like it to be little dry , then you can remove the seeds and retain the Cucumber only. Mix the Garlic Chilli sauce , Vinegar , Salt , Sugar , peanuts and Raisins and mix them up. Garnish it with Coriander and serve.


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