Avocado Chutney

Avocado Chutney

Avocado – Having heard enough about the Health Benefits of the Avocado and having heard enough “Nays ” at home when it’s served on the plate , I tried out a simple Chutney to add a little zing and still get the nutrients.

It’s simple and quick and can be best served with Bread, Chapati’s , Idly’s and Dosa. A small twist in the Chutney and can pass off as a nice dip for some nice chips.

So for the ingredients

1 Avocado, peeled and pitted

1 tablespoon Urad Dal (Optional)

3 to 4 Garlic Cloves

1 Inch Ginger

1/4 Cup shredded Coconut

4 to 5 Curry Leaves

1 Green Chilli

1 teaspoon Lime Juice

Salt to taste

Asafoetida – 1 pinch

Oil – 1 T spn

Mustard Seeds – 1/2 tea spoon.

Mash the pealed Avocado and set it aside. Dry roast the Urad Dal , Curry Leaves and the Shredded coconut for a minute. In a mixer add the Avocado , Urad dal , Curry Leaves , Coconut , Garlic , Ginger , Chilli, Lime juice and salt and grind it to a fine paste. Set aside the Chutney in a small bowl and prepare the Garnish.

Heat the skillet, add the Oil to it and once the oil is hot, add the mustard seeds until they splutter. Once they splutter, add the Asafoetida and hold for 2 seconds. Pour this garnish on to the Avocado Chutney.


6 responses to “Avocado Chutney

  1. This sounds right up my street! Although I like ripe avocados as they are, just spread on toast with a splash of lemon and flurry of sea salt, I also adore chutneys and this looks inspired. Thank you!

    • Thank you Kellie for the kind words. I must admit that your blog is absolutely inspiring 🙂 Love the freshness in each of your recipes..

  2. Hello! Just stumbled upon your blog and found this recipe. What a wonderful idea! I love avocados but never thought of combining them with Indian seasonings… it’s like a twist on guacamole! I will definitely be trying this!

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