Gourmet Week – Benjarong Restaurant

gourmetweek_0Not every day does one get to experience a Gourmet Extravagance and when you do , it’s as therepautic and amazing as a Massage after a long days work.
A Gourmet meal takes the gastronomical experience to new heights.The TimesCity Gourmet week picked some of the best restaurants for this week long event.Spoilt for choices we did go with our love for the Asian experience to kick start the week. A self declared connoisseur of Thai food , Benjarong was our first adventure.

The first sense that gets awakened at Benjarong is the beautiful Decor. The entire ambience is set keeping in the mood of the cuisine and Thai Culture.

IMG_3263The highlight of my meal being the Mia -Khom The Mia-Khom is a very welcome and indulging experience, where a platter is served with various fillings that one could wrap with Crunchy Lettuce.

Although not a big fan of Egg  myself , the simplicity and freshness of the Crispy Egg salad  inspired me to try various Egg dishes for my culinary experiments.


For Apetizers , Benjarong lined up the Gai Hor Bai Toey – Succulent morsels of Chicken delicately marinated wrapped in Pandanus Leaves and deep fried and Herbed Chicken mince in Rice Tartlets. 


The Main course was a delecteble spread with Fish in Basil Sauce , Chicken and Mushroom in Oyster sauce , Soft Noodle Tossed with Bean sprout and Tomato Garlic Fried Rice






Almost towards the end of your meal , a pleasant Warm and Fresh Lemon tea cleanses your palate to enjoy desert.


And finally for the Dessert , the Water Chestnuts in Coconut milk was to die for and left a lovely after taste in my mouth.

Throughout this dinining experience I felt that the portions picked out for a single person are way too much and it could be toned down in quantity in terms of the number of Apetizers or a Soup /Salad combination. Although I must admit , this is beyond any experience of Value for money.  A fantastic kick start to a Gourmet Week , the Benjarong surely did justice to laying out the best dishes for the ultimate Food Lover.


2 responses to “Gourmet Week – Benjarong Restaurant

  1. Good choice to select Benjarong …
    The marinated chunks of chicken wrapped in Pandanus leaf.. and the complimentary appetizer “The Mia-Khom” were my personal favourites there ..:)

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