Raw Banana and Potato cutlets

IMG_3291We all have Likes and a Dislikes.For most part of my childhood , the Raw Banana sabji’s were often fed to my mother’s Croton plants or the series of pets who apathetically smelt them and snubbed any Raw Banana dishes in their bowls.

Since Raw Banana’s were obviously such a favourite ( Tsk tsk ) , I’ve tried several versions of recipes to avoid the natural blandness of the vegetable. I’ve shocked them in strong curries or minced them into a concoction of several other ingredients.

IMG_3292One of those days , running out of choice for the daily portion of Vegetables , the day of the Raw Banana’s finally arrived. I figured , if the Raw banana’s are transformed into a fun Dish like the Cutlets , maybe I could cheat myself into liking them afterall.
The result was pleasantly surprising. I finally managed to get to like the Raw bananas.
Here’s how it transpired!

1) 1 Raw Banana
2 ) 1 Medium sized Potato
3 ) 1 Teaspoon Ginger paste
4 ) 2 Green chilies – grind them into a fine paste
5 ) 2 Table spoons Gram flour
6 ) 6 Table spoons Bread crumbs -powdered
7 ) Salt to taste
Peal the Raw Banana and the Potato. Dice them equally.  Steam them in a pressure cooker for 10 minutes. Once they turn cool , mash them and set them aside. Add the Ginger paste , chili paste , gram flour, salt and mix them. Based on the consistency of the mash , you may vary the proportion of the breadcrumbs into the mixture. From my experience I had to use up to 6 Tablespoons of Bread crumbs to get them into a manageable dough ( Until you can roll them into small rounds ).
Grease your palms with cooking oil and take the rolled dough rounds in your hand and pat them flat until they are about 1/2 an inch thick. Grease a plate and keep them aside.
Grease a shallow pan with about 2 to 3 tablespoons of Oil for shallow frying. Shallow fry the cutlets on both sides until they turn Brown on both sides.
Serve them with Yogurt Raita or Ketchup…

4 responses to “Raw Banana and Potato cutlets

  1. I liked ur raw banana i will try this…That reminds me one day mom had stepped out I did not have anything to do… I had tried idl patty and idli Manchurian

    • Awesome, Idly Patty and Manchurian…sounds great! Share the recipe !!! Sounds very exciting! Did you coat the Idly with cornflour for frying it or used it directly ?

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