Liebster Award


Aren’t life’s first experiences always great! Being , my first Blog award , The Liebster Award goes into the Special First experiences list. Thank you Leah from Sharing the Food  (and Other Stuff ) we love for nominating me for this Lovely award. The award is given out to those blogs who have less than 200 followers and highlight them as an upcoming blog helping them expand the reach in the vast Virtual blog world.. Well we all do encouragement once in a while don’t we:)

The Liebster has some rules and here’s how it works:

1 ) It asks that you answer 11 questions from the Blogger who nominated you . So I’ve got to answer Leah’s questions for me.
2 ) Nominate 11 bloggers ( with less than 200 followers ) and create 11 question for the bloggers you pass the award to
3 ) The nominees for the awards need to be new blogs and no Back Tagging is allowed.
Since Leah hasn’t listed new 11 questions for me , i’m going to answer the 11 that was asked of her..
1 ) why blog & why do I love it? - I have an extremely busy work schedule. Cooking is a stress buster and I love to talk about my food adventures. What better way to talk about the love of food than to write and capture them on a blog. It allows me to revisit memories and relive them anytime.
2 ) red or white wine? - Red wine on a cold day with dinner....and white wine on a sunny day over lunch.. 
3) what food is your guilty pleasure? - Mayonnaise , Butter and Fresh cream
4 ) where does my inspiration come from? - Re-runs of Masterchef Australia series for introducing me to the world of cooking.
5 )what is your favorite/can’t live without kitchen tool?my non stick cookware and Instant Coconut Milk powder.
6 ) chocolate or lemon? - Lemon
7 )coast or country/mountain, ocean or lake?  - Sun , sand and the Beach....definitely the coast
8) what is my favorite cookbook? - Indian Cooking;Madhur Jaffrey
9 ) what is my favorite food to cook? - Vanilla sponge cake and Cupcakes
10) Name your favorite lazy Sunday Dish? -Onion Fritters/ Pakoras with a hot cup of tea
11 )Where would you love to visit? - Vietnam , Bhutan , New Zealand and many more...
Now for some of the inspiring blogs and my nominations go to : ( In no particular order ). I probably didnt pay too much attention to the number of followers , neverthless this is an interesting line up…
1 ) Fog and Fireflies-
2 ) An LDS Baker –
4 ) The Cook’s sister-
5 ) While he was out –
6 ) Pantry obsession –
7 ) OrganiLocaFoodivore –
9 ) Feeding my Inner Fatty –
10 ) Stalk My Kitchen –
Each of these blogs have a uniqueness in terms of presentation and ideas.
Here are my 11 questions :
1 ) Favorite vacation spot of all time
2 )  Favorite book and why
3 )Food tradition you love ?
4 ) If you could go to dinner with any 5 famous people (dead or alive) – who?
5 ) Favorite cuisine ?
6 ) House is on fire – family made it out – what is the one thing you grab? (you can only grab one)
7 ) Favorite type of chocolate ?
8 ) Favorite beverage ?
9 ) Movie you most relate to
10 )If you can trade places with a famous person for 24 hours , whom would you pick ?
11 ) A TV show you love to watch.

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