Hard Boiled and Fried Eggs


This post is not really a recipe , but a post to resume the by gone era of my Paleolithic diet days. With several days of festivities and absolutely no fixed regimen , it’s a good time for me to get back on track and head the healthy path.

So today’s meal included the Hard Boiled Eggs fried with Salt and paprika nestled over a Tomato and Carrot Salad , with some beautiful Cucumbers and Almonds for breakfast!

Do you know any great reference sites for Paleo recipes ? Would love to have some references to keep me going for a while !


9 responses to “Hard Boiled and Fried Eggs

    • Thanks Malvika πŸ™‚ Good luck πŸ™‚ ! My toddler is a very picky eater and I can emapthise. This recipe is great with leftover Chicken , Veggies.

  1. I like these:
    And I love this book! I hardly ever buy books because there’s so much on the internet, but this one is worth it:

    I have about 5 yummy recipes on my blog. I just started a couple of weeks ago. Don’t be deceived by how simple the recipes are, they are really good :).

      • Thank you for the kind words Debbie! It takes a whole lot of thinking to get the lighting and the location right. I’ve got a long way to get to the perfect ” FoodGawker ” certified snaps yet πŸ™‚

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