Tetley Tea and Taj Vivanta Event – Cooking with Green Tea


Green tea is synonymous with good health and is quickly gaining prominence with the Urban population. Young or old , the Green tea features as one of the healthy options in everyone’s life . Rich in Anti-oxidants , great source to boost the metabolism ,or simply a healthy beverage , the Green tea is here to stay.  When I received an invite for the Tetley Tea Event for an interactive session with Chef Uddipan Chakravarthy, Executive Chef ,  Taj Vivanta at Yeshwantpur for Cooking with Green Tea , it sounded exciting and I landed there to see how the Chef would incorporate Green tea and make it a part of a larger gastronomical delight.

The Chef of the Hour!

Chef Uddipan Chakravarthy

Chef Uddipan Chakravarthy, Executive Chef

The Chef started out with a very quick introduction to Green Tea. Did you know that the green tea leaves are processed and heated at a high temperature to avoid the fermentation process.  The step of fermentation is the process that differentiates the Green tea and the normal teas.  Later on , the Chef went on to display the Coconut soup with vegetables with an infusion of green tea.  The green tea infusion was added instead of water while making the soup . The result was quite pleasing and the green tea was not overpowering the soup. 2 cups of green tea went into making this soup , so a portion would mean having an entire cup of green tea while you enjoy the soup.


With quick notes by enthusiastic bloggers and media representatives, we moved on to the next menu , the Green Tea Smoked Chicken wings. Who would have thought that one could make a Green Tea Smoked Chicken wings ? In this recipe the Chef used the Tea leaves once the wings were cooked 60 %. The smoky effect of the Chicken wings on grill combined well with the green tea leaves and transpired the tea leaves to a herb. The use of tea leaves has a stronger ( but not overpowering ) taste as opposed to using the green tea infused into recipes.

Making the Smoked Chicken Wings

Making the Smoked Chicken Wings

Trying to cover all courses , the next on the agenda were two fresh mocktails , the Apple Green Tea Martini and a fizzy drink with Green Tea and Melons which are fairly easy to make at home. Simply add the fruit / fruit juice of your choice along with green tea and try out an interesting mocktail.

And to make things more interesting , we had some Crunchy Green Tea Cookies to nibble on through the event. I must admit the cookies were great , so it’s on my to-do list for things to try out soon!


With the vast array of Green Tea infused recipes laid out for us , it raised the curiosity and opened up avenues to include the green tea into more dishes. Clearly I think Tetley offers a wide range of Green Tea flavours especially tailor-made to suit the Indian Palate. When you have flavours such as Ginger, Mint & Lemon, Citrus & spice, Cinnamon & Honey and Lemon and honey , the options of creating zesty and flavorful dishes are limitless.  So go on and make a Healthy and Tasty choice…and surprise yourself with how great it looks and tastes.

The event promised to showcase the use of Green Tea with most of the interesting and popular dishes and it did exactly that. But the cooking and the demos were fairly limited and I wish there were a couple of more recipes that the Chef could have tried.  But hey! with this being the first , the curiosity would allow us to discover more things and explore some new recipes and definitely no complaints when one could combine health and taste isn’t it ?


7 responses to “Tetley Tea and Taj Vivanta Event – Cooking with Green Tea

  1. This event is really cool! I agree green tea (also black tea) are incredible nutritional powerhouses and are a staple health drinks in Asian cultures (obviously have had life-elongating benefits). I’ve never thought cooking green tea in those dishes you’ve shown though, especially savoury foods (the only green tea food I’ve had is green tea ice-cream and matcha cake). My dad’s Chinese and a green tea conossieur, don’t know how he’d feel about cooking green tea with food though! 🙂
    P.S. Love your blog!

    • Thanks Iz. The green tea ice cream was as far as I had gone too 🙂 The event was an eye opener. It was not only the ones we tried , there were a whole lot of other dishes with Green Tea infusions as well. I’ll be really curious to know what your dad would say to such endeavors since the whole concept has gotten me thinking as well. Acquiring a taste to Green Tea is one thing ,we Indians like our Tea with Milk and Sugar so to like the Green Tea could be challenging.
      But for foodies like us , it’s exciting to have such culinary adventures and experiments!
      BTW , your blog is so exhaustive and beautiful! So glad you stopped by. I’m going to be hooked on from here 🙂 See you around!

      • Haha thanks so much for your compliment! I’m not quite sure I understand your use of the word ‘exhaustive’ though haha. True about the foodie thing, I’m willing to try anything really, and eat anything as long as it’s wholesome and healthy. My mum and I are really interested in Indian cuisine! There’s so much to explore in your intensely complex culture! I love your spices, various flours, and pickles (I just bought spicy Brinjal pickle today), so will stick around your blog too 🙂 Do you live in India?

      • Yeah , I live in India 🙂 Exhaustive since you have taken so much effort to update what went wrong with some recipes , calorie intake per cookie..that sort of a thing 🙂
        some things that most of us forget to mention often 🙂

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