Gado Gado and my love for PB!



I L-O-V-E Peanut Butter. A foodies proclamation to loving some ingredients , can be taken lightly often.You can’t blame us really for overusing the word Love especially when there is so much happening in terms of cuisines , ingredients or techniques. I say L-O-V-E with utmost sincerity when it comes to Peanut Butter. It is my mojo. With such an undying love for Peanut Butter , I came across the Gado Gado Cook-Click-Win challenge posted by Kelipaan and I couldn’t let that skip by a tiniest chance.The Gado Gado is an Indonesian Salad and has loads of fresh vegetables , spice , crunch , sweetness , zest and to top it my love, Peanut Butter. Priya who blogs at Sugarfree Sweetheart set this challenge for this round of the cooking contest and so rightly with a creative illustration of the Recipe. (Click through the Link for the recipe). How lovely is that illustration ? 🙂

This was my interpretation of the Gado Gado and Yay! I won too ! ( Psst..I wish there were more contestants for the contest 😦 )Certainly got my points jotted for the not-to do next time. For starters, I almost murdered the beautiful Bok-choy. What a pity :(. So I hope to update this space with a far more vibrant looking dish with the Bok Choy happy and perky right in the middle of the plate. Until then, here’s to more healthy eating and trying something new this winter! Happy Holidays!




9 responses to “Gado Gado and my love for PB!

    • Thanks a lot Aruna 🙂 Yeah …I was also making a list of all recipes that use the Peanut butter. Mmm..satay , I’ve never tried it at home , hope to try it soon! My PB jar gets used up for everything and anything lately.

  1. Hej!

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