Review : Paperboat drinks

Paperboat1Aamras , Kala khatta and Paperboat…just the mere mention of these words bring a smile back on my face. It takes me to my childhood , wishing mangoes grew all year long , summer lasted all year long and wishing the goodness of kala khatta never to end..oh the joy of finding who had the most colorful tongue…these are memories that make a life worth living!

In the era of boxed juices with catchy phrases , tonnes of preservatives and costly endorsements, the Paperboat drinks with its clean and clutter free packaging , promises to bring back some childhood memories. Ok ! so far we are good , it definitely rings a bell and brings all the beautiful memories.  The drink also lists that it has ” No Colors , No preservatives , No artificial flavours , basically none of that junk” …even better right ?

Kala Khatta1

The Jamun Kala Khatta is priced at 30 Rs for 250 ml. A quick look at the color of the drink and the consistency to figure out the claim of no added color , and none of the junk statement. Gujurat 070Visually , the drink is a light pink and not too dense. The first sip , quickly highlights the usage of less sugar as opposed to the other drinks in the market. The beverage has the right mix of salt , sugar and lemon. Although , you can’t really miss the slight hint of the preservative that is absolutely imperative to keep this drink for a good 4 months.

In contrast to the perfectly balanced Kala khatta , the Aam panna has a very strong cumin taste , taking away the pleasure of the tanginess of the aam panna.

Gujurat 071 Gujurat 065With so much about memories , the Aamras was something I was looking forward to , but disappointed again with the strong preservative taste that cuts through very strongly , almost taking it very close to the available Mango drinks in the market. The only respite being a restrained sugar content which is a saving grace. Gujurat 063

Last but not the least , the Jaljeera. The Jaljeera had a very mixed reaction. Traditionally I am used to the jaljeera without/ less sugar , so the sugar content kind of took me by surprise. Nevertheless ,the rest of the family enjoyed it thoroughly not giving much importance to the sugar. So all in all , the Jaljeera has the right taste of cumin , black salt , lemon and definitely some arguable proportions of sugar…but hey ! it’s worth your money.

Gujurat 064Having said all that , Hector Beverages Pvt. Ltd , the makers of a drink called Tzinga , have got a lot of things right and few things wrong with the Paperboat series. A journey well traversed from the Preservative and artificial ingredients. While it may not be comparable to the ones granny made at home , they deserve credit to having reached somewhere in between…

Not to miss are the tonnes of creative doodles reminding you of Childhood memories. A page I definitely love to visit. Check out some of these creative doodles here.

For it’s worth , the Kala Khatta and the Jaljeera are the best in the series. The Paperboat drinks have the Kokum juice too , something I cant wait to pick up from the market. Till then , cheers to memories , cheers to childhood and cheers to health!


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