Nizam-E-Awadh, Sheraton Bangalore


Rewind to the Mughal period of royalty and picture this! A Shahi cook stirring aromatic rice and meat over slow fire like it was an art in itself. The Shahi palace filled with the soft and soothing aromas of fresh spices. This was the experience I had at the recent event hosted by the Sheraton , Bangalore.


The Nizam-E-Awadh was a lip smacking and tantalizing feast that had the best of both Lucknow and Hyderabadi cuisines. It promised the guests a jugalbandi of sorts with a cook off between Chef Qureshi, Chef Maksood, Chef Ansar Ali and Chef Jebin Robert.

We were treated with a chilled Rose milk to start the event and quickly moved from one cuisine to another. Each recipe and dish was so well conceived after trying multiple variations of spices and mixes for close to 6 months. The enthusiasm and love for food that Sheraton promises is very evident with the amount of effort put in serving its guests the best there is. Coupled with this discussion the chefs took us all  through a walk down history lane to a fascinating story of the melt in the mouth Galavati Kebabs. ” In Urdu, tunda means ‘without an arm.’ Haji Murad Ali (Tunday Kababi), who used to feed the Nawabs in the old days of Lucknow, despite being handicapped, managed to earn repute and respect for his specialty — preparing delicious and mouth-watering kababs with just one hand ” ( Source )


We tried many dishes and to name a few the famous Nihari Gosht , Taftan , Haleem , Murgh Biryani , Meetha pulao , kulfi , phiri. Coached by the talented check, I managed to try the soft Roomali Roti , which I hear takes the best atleast 3 months to perfect.





A good hour and a half to taste and learn about the Shahi khana and feel like royalty from the Mughal Sultanat. Clearly it was an over indulgence of sorts , but I am not complaining.



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